Crisis Management

Our Crisis Management team offers our clients the opportunity to be ready for any security crisis. Our experts provide a holistic view to reducing operational and service related risk. With our industry expertise we intertwine business continuity planning, emergency response planning, and crisis management to bring to bear the solution that is appropriate for your organisation as you address today's security challenges. 

SIA Security's counter intelligence and investigative capabilities are unequalled in the industry. With a longstanding reputation for thoroughness and discretion, SIA provides intelligence that protects your business, reduces losses, increases profits, and secures your property & data along with your corporate reputation.

Our intelligence and counter intelligence team comprises skilled specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including law enforcement, intelligence, accounting, technology and management consulting. Our company can also provide electronic alarms & surveillance, counter surveillance and debugging technology to ensure a secure environment for your private and confidential meetings and conferences.

Our Services

  • Emergency Security Response
  • Business Recovery
  • Information Gathering & Intelligence Processing
  • Surveillance
  • Debugging
  • Alarm Systems
Security Firm Licence: SFM41112
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